Monday, April 26, 2010


The word has a depth associated.. it is something we engineers do.. rather are subjected to !

We.. 'submit'.. all the journals which are worth some marks; copying the stuff, that probably has been the same for years now, into 'em.. in different hand-writings and colors; apparently to 'learn' something... the part I never got.. no one did ! Whats the point.. when it doesn't help one in any possible way ! All one gets is a partnership in crime-against-nature while shelling one's own buck for the same..

Here's how it goes..

-> With some supreme powers vested in them, the college authorities 'force' students to buy a much much over-valved 'college-stationary' package. One can't refuse to do so.. 'cause then you don't get your much needed ID card ! What they inculcate..?! Students preparing fake ID cards ('cause they usually have left-over stationary from previous year and the high amount).. 'forgery'!

-> Somehow practicals are conducted ('somehow') and corresponding write-ups are sought after. Generally its a 'submitted' file from the previous year, from the 'other' college that is brought into the scene or the students are given the responsibility to prepare the write-ups 'on their own' without even a single reference book available in college/department library. What students do.. they copy down all the stuff as it as from a local author.. the tenses/senses are far beyond of being aweful. The 'learning' part as so-called 'aimed' by authorities, is no where in scenario with a whole lotta.. 'time wastage'!

-> The 'copied' master-copy, with lots of grammatical/technical errors is ready.. with a lot of filled in pages (the text is much beyond required 'cause it has been copied 'as it is'). So now.. the other students get this master-copy from the 'brilliant' student who 'prepared' it and worked on it 'for hours'.. and get the un-ending text xeroxed ! This seeks a substantial amount from one's monthly pocket money as well as eats up tonnes of trees.. 'cause you need pages !

-> Now the xeroxed 'copied' master-copy is copied again by many ! And you generally don't stand aloof with a notion of 'I'll do it on my own' ! So.. like masses.. you copy and put in time 'cause deadlines have to me met to avoid childish 'very late' remarks (very late in copying :P). This takes away a lot of time.. a substantial fraction of which, if devoted to read even a news-paper, would enhance one's knowledge. A significant number of students 'out-source' the 'copying' act too.. costing again a significant fraction of their buck-pack !

-> Done copying, one has now another battle to fight.. getting the stuff 'corrected'. This cycle too consumes a lot of time and mental pressure 'cause of the tantrums and taunty 'remarks' by the 'teachers'.. no.. 'lecturers'.. they are no teachers.. too less human to be called so ! The xeroxed material sees a dust-bin, making it useless and a mere 'waste' and the 'somehow' corrected file reaches its final stage of '$ubmi$$ion'.

-> '$ubmi$$ion' comes with a lot of monetary issues. Your 'copied' file is never submitted at-once and there is a separate 'time-table' involved. To submit this 'copied' stuff you even have to be properly attired and have to have a heavy pocket with some extra bucks to roll in. Your file is not submitted until you have some specific 'percentage' of attendance in lectures conducted by the said 'lecturers'. That is a compulsion.. God knows why.. and failing to do so.. you become a puppet with your guide-strands in the hands of the 'lecturers'. Now starts the role of your buck-pack.. the amount you roll in buys you..1) bad term marks 2) your file submission 3) enhancement in attendance to meet the university requirements. University decides the attendance percentage but the 'fine' is decided again by the said authorities.. this is their oppurtunity to earn and so an attractive 'fine-slab' is prepared running from 1000 bucks to 10000 bucks.. pay them accordingly and...

"You're done with your submission !"

In the process, you along with millions of other students who go through approximately the same, achieve/contribute following :-

1) A 'rest' for a huge number of once 'standing' trees, which could have contributed at-least a little to the worsening climatic conditions.

2) No 'knowledge' as against the so called 'aim' of the authorities.

3) Values like 'forgery' and 'lies' in the 'value based education' process.

4) Wastage of huge amount of money.

5) 'Waste of time'.. time that could have been fruitfully used elsewhere and may have contributed to your knowledge and marks.

The list goes on.. as you think about it more !

We are shirkers. We 'submit'



  1. wow...!!
    this is a master piece of a post. and its without a comment.....!!!
    loved it...!!

  2. wow...!!
    this is a master piece of a post. and its without a comment.....!!!
    loved it...!!

  3. Thanq ! Most of the posts have been 'commentless' off-late though :p