Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shit and Shit

My music player.. is in repair; for 5 days now;

I reach college @ 11.. don't get any of my course books in library, they don't even have 'em.. Fuck.. why do we even pay them for non-existent-labs, torture-teachers.. good ones last for at the most three months.. wackiest ones stay to screw every possible ass.. 4 years.. this college has given me every possible shit.. as the end nears.. i crave more for it.. all i've had here is friends-for-life-for-sure-bros some gyaan and a job.. and that's it.. no fucking else matters.. i find the people unnecessarily foul-sour speaking/thinking.. damn-it self obsession.. they come ahead, eye every buck i have.. ask me for it by sword pointing my 'term-work' on account of some fucking 'alumini' or 'fine' for some totally non-substantial issue.. i've to beg to money-brooding organization to pay the dues they owe me.. they flatly refuse.. then again.. i can't do any damn thing.. while others make memories.. my fucking notes get a flashy 'L'.. why ?.. because.. "you went home for some important work.. but you committed a crime Joe..! BIG BIG crime.. its morally ethically wrong..!" Now your master is going home.. fucking his holiday is fine.. faces I'd never miss.. rather would piss on.. give me a photo ! But their are always exceptions.. no hard feelings for 'em.. i love 'em.. owe then for what they taught me..;

Fare-well.. damn you fucked me and my friends well..;

They follow something similar outside too.. the shit they fill in mass makes the mass more unfriendly to me.. to my friends.. they ought to stop it.. they are no-where contributing to nation.. to society.. where are the values in their 'value based education'.. where is the friendliness.. ease.. softness.. love.. amongst people.. why do their steps want to curb the small unities which develop.. where is the human side to student treatment.. whats so great.. so prestigious in them.. which makes 'em take a walk while someone tries to explain his problem.. prejudice.. why.. why treat an individual with mass like notion;

'We'.. the people.. hehe.. seems like a joke to me now for how they deal with things to ensure its survival;

This is the enD

May be.. i'm afraid..


  1. this is so fucking true....!!

    p.s overdose of the F word.i think i ll b using it all day long...!

  2. Now I'm not happy for me inducing that ! Sounds great though ;)