Saturday, April 3, 2010

The High-way back !

So.. settling the things.. negotiating the sub-states of semi-consciousness I, with Sagar along.. take off on my churrrrrrrrr activa.. for my place.

Silence, night, street lights diffusing, empty roads.. colorfully faded vision ;).. a perfect i-want-to-see.. thanks to the perfect number of pecks.. each with a perfect composition.. thanks to the trusted Monk !

So.. my activa glides on.. and in the way we halt at his place and have food and pick up some books :).. damn hungry we were and Chinoo..the cat was as usual busy with himself !

Further in journey to Koregaon Park.. I feel my eyes closing while my bike is taking more of curvy paths and at higher speeds.. both being against my wishes of straighter paths and lower speeds ! Then we pass an even curvier SNDT road and my path is curvier than ever !

Suddenly, Sagar plugs-in a piece of his ear phones into my left ear and AC~DC takes from me the responsibility of the futher ride.. he knows ;)

I just reached home.. I'm safe.. Do drink lil-lil and drive safe-slow.. fun !

Dhruv !