Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Makin' the Start.. meet the End !

The end.. of the quad-year engineering saga; a rainy august '06 start met a rain-awaiting june '10 end !

The start.. amateurish young 12th/junior college pass-outs; some, like them, knowing what they're here for.. some, like us, having no idea and goin' with the flow ! The orientation program and i'm-so-supporting-cool-awesome speeches by the teachers apparently promised high standards only to divert 'them' towards pearson, tmg etc and 'us' folks towards techmax, nirali and 'no' etc. :D

The first year saw new friendships being made, alikes partnering, nerds buying books, some romantiques kikin' off and some findin' it troublin' to lure their distant hearts !

Studying was a 'through the semester' phenomenon for un-aware were we of the 'system' and one night stands and jigarrrrr ! Time was fun-short, 'zest' earned a big buck from regular occupant 'groups'.. and fridays-saturdays often saw rushing to new releases.. and innocence was 'the' binder !

Come second year.. we, us and them, started to realize the 'system' and what the deal is ! Studies for 'us' got shifted to semester end.. 'them' still runnin' for their targets.. 'us' caught up booze-buddy combos and unlimited fun times and made 'the' friends..
Many a 'them' joined 'us' !

Third year saw 'us' getting loaded with concepts from all over the world.. some void theories some validated ones.. some questions we never thought of in our farthest of angelic/demonic dreams ! Added fire was... approaching 'placement' season and 'work-hard-times-are-tough' suggestions poured in from every one who could speak.. 'recession' enlightened them and made us slog our pre-screwed asses more to end up with a job ! Exams now seemed like yaar-kitni-baar, for their news filling the air every three months ! And all this while the cruelty-cold-heart index was exponentially rising every submission season and with rise of facebook, many we-talk-on-facebook-not-in-real-life friends were formed, only to become good ones !

Frequently there were voices regarding 'ye stationary bhot mehengi hai', 'meri bunksheet accept ni hui yaar', 'paagal hai saala, dekhiyo itna bola, still 30 marks', 'shit yaar fir fine lagaaya saalo ne', 'id card-stationary-hall ticket conspiracy', etc... These generally went unanswered, as known to all since inception, but.. who cares.. it was 'fun @ cost' !

Come final year, many got jobs, many stugglin' to get one..
As suggested by seniors.. the procedure in 'every aspect' is 'relaxed' during BE.. but 'we' didn't see that in any respect.. teachers were at their best cruel behavior with 'us' still wondering 'isko teacher kisne banaya', submissions still sucked a lot of energy, bunksheets were still not accepted, fine-slab touched skies, papers still seemed screwy and 1st semester results were far from being 'generous' ! As usual.. innocent hopes shattered ! But if 'we' all suffered.. we were together in that too !

Today, I don't regret this engineering thing I chose.. I've come a long way, learnt things, made friends, seen how things work, life works.... what's with feeling the pressure ! Though I still cant make out for entropy and enthalpy :).. I've learnt bigger, better things here.. which shall always be there..

I hated it.. many a times.. today.. I love it !

Dhruvvv !


  1. *sigh*

    college life indeed teaches you bigger, better things, like you say :)

  2. Too good...evry bit of this blog..was likea recap to mah own ebgineering times..!!