Saturday, April 10, 2010

I stroll !

My memory lane goes too long.. to distances, I sometimes regret, sometimes rejoice ! But my imagination.. my better world.. goes distances/places I never regret.. a world where I'm happy.. surroundings are smiley.. sun in serene.. rain is romantique !

My world.. not so big.. a boundary-less miniature; with whole lotta greenery.. fresh water.. friends.. fun.. love and burger king :)

'Romantiques' once made.. go on smooth and with time gain aroma of that antique wine, romantiques relish ! So.. no heart breaks.. no lost-love vows.. just 'u n me' and we break open a bottle of wine.. whole lotta love !

Friends are easy.. limited.. 'there'.. u can talk out your heart.. have beers at lake rocks.. talk movies, sports, girls, figures (;)), sex ! Pull his legs until he's creepy with words.. but get him to a nice pub.. he's bro again ! He may talk shit.. but he is dear.. and though seen in movies only.. we are one strong-to-go-real-life bunch ! And when you're upset.. they listen.. pat your back, tell you that its gonna be ok.. u say cheers.. and the booze-buddy combo helps you be an optimist and things start working !

I'm listening to Led Zeppelin :)



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