Sunday, January 17, 2010

To you. .

I'm sober.
Been an year today. Sometimes...heart aches for not being your 'special one' anymore but it can't be helped either. hard feelings; no criticisms; no blame-game....just something about you V...and

Met you first in July 2004 and the friendship struck with that 'Chocolate Bet' over a mathematics unit test of 20 marks..and you won it. I was much of an introvert but I guess you knew that; for you always struck first and made me comfortable. The yet unknown girl from Kanpur was now a dear friend and making the misery of getting into KV fade away...Life started to feel b'ful and happiness was all around with you. Could talk to you seemed inexpressibly cute when you tried a lot yet couldn't say 'Tarrrrr..'...I started enjoying your presence and company. Hadn't had a 'good' fit in the shoe so perfectly. It wasn't love.

For the first time...I had started writing and I recall the time when you read it...and in a fist of fury I tore it apart and threw away the pieces (to the date..I don't know why). did what no one else could ha recollected the torn pieces from outside the window...joined them back together and gave 'em back to me with a sorry. Something felt different within...hence forth...I felt the romance in the air blended with symphony of love...I was struck...

Towards the end of session 2004-05...I proposed my love to you (how stupid I was to do that on a phone call :p) were awe struck...and I was hell scared..didn't want to lose that friendship with you so I asked Abhi to tell you that it was just some-sort-of-practice (soo sooo soooo stupid of me !) But...(thank God!) didn't let anything change and we ended up becoming better friends. I still cant figure out what did we talk on the phone for hours; though we saw each other almost daily ! I joined that tution class so that I could get to be with you :p (may be I never told you this). I loved that chipki-hui-maggi-in-yellow-tiffin-box :) and also loved your writing on my notebooks and journals (you used to do a lot of completion work for me ! ;))..and back home I had every reason to wait for your calls and your cute-endless-bak-bak :)..many a times I didn't get much of it..but it was too lovely to be stopped :). Like a perfect temptress, you showed your signs...but never verbally came to those words...mind mind was always like..I'll-do-that-smart-thing-and-you'll-say-the-words.I was your 'Idiot'..something you calle d an abbreviation for 'I Do Ishq Only Tumse'..:) Damn...I was so in love with you..

Time passed a much faster rate than one would expect :| but you still hadn't expressed, though your actions could say the story...:). Those long hours of holding your hand in mine on the back seat of the bus..and the way we planned 'our' home there...loved the was complete and awesome.

Towards the end of Std was sure that we were not gonna be together anymore...for you dad was getting transferred to Delhi. The very thought of not being with you depressed me like anything...and finally the day came...24th June, 2006.

You were leaving for delhi...and we all fiends came to see you off, at the railway station...I constantly faked the smile on my face ' were gonna leave...I didn't know when I'd see you would I be with you...what would happen to our yet undefined relationship........I was devastated...

Same day...back @ around 8.30 pm..I received a text message from an unknown number saying "I 4 U...V"
It was your dad's cell number and it was your text....for me !! I was happy beyond forever :))...the moment I waited for..!

I moved to this city in west India while you went to Delhi. Lots of shyness flooded in; for we were in a relationship now..and both of us still kiddish without any sign of maturity on either side...but it was b'ful :)...simple :)...loving :)....and distant :((. With time...shyness faded (completely...never :p)and we got to understand each other better. Your being with me in every phase became my strength...a perfect partner I could ever dream of..I discovered it in you for you were one hell of a company to share all the stuff in my mind with :)

With time...the distance began to pin...We could talk on phone..could text...but..something was missing. In this while..we met 4 times...I remember mom catching me pulling your cheek :). That b'day trip...that movie in Satyam...and the perfect moment...I wished it to be ever-lasting...:(

With different life-styles, schedules and the distance...things started to fade was not like before...we talked less...texted more...sometimes I failed to communicate..sometimes you....and we started losing it..

The midnight hung b/w 16th and 17th of Jan 2009 finally took away my most precious possession from me....a relation with you. We sort of..broke up...:(

We still are best of friends...not just to say. Something that went missing for a while...something that had brought us exists again and understanding friendship.

Thanks for being there V.

Forever indebted to you; for what you made out of me...

Dhruv. .


  1. i din want to comment on this as its personal to u but i jus cudn control myself..!!
    i thot "someone" was the killer bt this is something of a differnt league all together..!!

  2. I loved writing this one...untold-yet-understood-obvious reasons..

  3. Dhruv i dun hv words.... n m not afraid to say dat m ol teary-eyed...i hv goosebumps...n yet words fail me....!!
    U r a good person.... may god bless u....

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