Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell.. Faces.. Memories.. Moments !

On 15th of April was our farewell. At a point in time I had made a view that I would give it a miss.. 'cause I was so done-done with college, department etc.

It took me a Sagar, a Sneha, a Viniie to convince that I shouldn't miss it..!

On 14th.. in a scorching sun.. we (me and anant) went shopping with our clueless minds being constantly governed/misgoverned by exhausting unbearable heat and unpredictable economic conditions ;).. I give my 'tux' plans a big amiss :|

So.. Sagar helps me find a black kurta which I happen to like immediately and Anant still isn't convinced.. 'cause he wants a 'coat'/'suit' with a little buck to roll !
So.. he tries every possible 'hathkanda' and urges Rohit to get one :p but finally ends up with a rust colored kurta !

Now.. he (and me too somewhere :)) is convinced that we're gonna be too under-dressed for the event besides.. we gotta see the faces again :|
So.. on way I agree to his winner's-its-gonna-be-whole-lotta-fun-when-we-are-high ! So.. we are all set !

@MIT Lawns.. ignoring all the stagey-podium-stuff; we click photographs.. a lot of 'em.. with people I'd not seen for long.. with people I once had moments with.. with people I'd miss.. with people who once were strangers.. with people who became friends with time.. with these friends I like.. with these friends I love.. with the friends I had 'time of my life'.. A stupid notion that was once ruling my mind and keeping me from attending the farewell, met its answer...cuz here I was, in the farewell, enjoying every moment of togetherness with all the friends ! And the lil suroor just added to the emotions :)

'Faces' met.. cherished and remembered the 'memories'.. created 'moments' for lifetime.. had a fun 'farewell' !

@ sagar,anant,mit,raunak,aniket,shrey,akhilesh,ahsay,gujar,prathu,gadia,ajay,shetty,rohit,andy,binoy and all the guys I know but missed here.. thanks bros.. I had some real real great time at some point of time with you !

@kirti,tejal,nishi,mayuri,apurva,madhura,nupoor,teja,chandni,bhavya. Ladies.. you looked gorgeous on the day ! And.. thanks for every moment I ever had with you.. its intact in my memory and I'm gonna miss 'em and you !

@all - love ya buddies !

No more regrets.. no more hating-the-college-stuff.. it gave me friends and memories for ever.. and I learned something :)

Love, peace.


P.S. Farewells are fun.. when you are a lil high ;)


  1. wowie...!!
    i am so happy that you had loads of fun, so what if it was interlaced with halka-sa or should i say bahut-sa suroor....!!
    nice post, thnx for mentioning my name. i am a sucker for such free publicity...!!

  2. U soooo deserve it :)..thanx !

  3. Awww...very well written :)!!

  4. RespecT bro!!
    well written bro...
    jst try giving it a poetic effect...
    n thnk u for mentioning my name man...
    cheers to our college n d frndshp we share...

    we dnt share much though... but still :)

  5. @nupoor - thanqq !

    @binoy - dude..cheers !

  6. hmm..! a topic i have been meaning to write on since a long time now..! anyway..! really well written..! n u were not really under dressed..! atleast better than jeans n shirt..! and thank you! :)

  7. @sagar - i told ya folks !

    @chandni - thank you ! n.. waiting for your post on farewell :)

  8. Dhruv u r amazing at blogs..u write such smart blogs that are always fun to read !! n this 1 is really really sweet..:)n Thanx alot 4 mentioning my name..:) was a pleasure knowing you..:D..u r an amazing guy..will miss ya..:)..keep in touch..:)

  9. @bhavya - too much of me,for me to handle :p. Anyway.. thanks a tonne and yeah.. we'll surely be in touch ! and.. u have to keep visiting my blog :p