Sunday, January 10, 2010

Someone !

At the moment..somewhere deep inside my heart..I'm wishing you were real, while my mind is enjoying "Kurdt Kobain" its not a spell-error of Kurt Cobain..its just something he was for himself in his mind-heart war.

Saw someone like you in an Instant Karma video, heard someone like you in a girl I knew, felt being with someone like you while I was with someone, saw your delicacy while those water splashes woke up someone like you in a honeymoon boat, loved the giggly laughter of someone like you, admired the cuteness of someone like you being not able to speak a specific word, wish I could capture someone like you in a black and white photograph that could adore our abode, that little act of maturity by someone like you which left me craving for you, those numerous colors on someone like you made me colorblind, someone like you who didn't know how lovable and cute she actually was/is, someone like you who could rejoice even the slightest gesture of affection, someone like you who always wanted her man to buy her a rose, call her from work and open a door for her, someone like you who wished her man to express his love for her by the look in eyes, someone like you who could make life simpler with that serene smile, someone like you who could be a shoulder in all the extremities of life, someone like you who could do silly things and generate smiles in grave situations, someone, who were clad in a Roberto Cavalli having a classic-roof-top-candle-lit-dinner with me and were as much innocent and fun as the one to have an early-cold-morning-distant-tapri-chai you, someone who'd have a world-cup-winning-team's-captain-like satisfaction on her face by getting into those old pair of denims...very much like you, that very-much-required-not-asked-for-but-understood-just-by-you hug given by someone like you, that ice-cream in an icy cold night savored by someone like you, that spontaneous idea of a long drive that was always "totally" for someone like you, someone who'd just love to get soaked up in you..
Someone...who could just make the worth-living-life (I'm totally in love with life :)) sugary-spicy....and b'ful...
Someone...whom I love like...forever...and someone...who loves me like...forever.unconditionally.

Someone like you...

I know you are on your form that 'us'.

Love you.

Dhruv. .