Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roadtrip !

Thursday aka "Weekly Trip Day" (Hence Forth :D), 7th Jan

At around quarter to 11 the god-sent...Anant calls me up with "Maae...kuch karo....kahin chalte hain". Being bugged up myself...yeah...I'm in ! I say "Call up Sagar, jagah decide kar...Aniket ko bhi bula le...fir mujhe bata de....main aata hoon".

5 minutes later. "Aa ja...Lavazza chalenge....Sagar ke ghar pe mil"..."Ok...coming in an hour".

@Sagar's place. Ritesh bhaiyya is so into body building (literally :p)...leading to a kitchen filled up with health supplements, proteins etc. and he has this "shake me zapper" in his hands preparing health drinks time to time. Its...'now or never' this time....the 4th time :p

So after spending a couple of more hours improving India's civic conditions, discussing a country to settle in and 12-string guitar....we realize ki its toooo late for Lavazza now ! Its 2 pm !

So we are heading to Mulshi now...2 bikes...3 not-so-sensible-sab-sahi-hai-mechanical-engineers with the god-sent adamant on driving one of them (obviously he's not getting anyone on his back seat being an amateur ;) )

"Abe photo le....sahi waali" yells Anant while driving (You can imagine the level of excitement when some amateur gets to drive on a hill side...and cherry on the cake..its Anant :p)

"Pose de...thora attitude ke saath....haan ab idhar dekh............bhayankar....bhai aaj aa gai hai faaad foto ;) ;)" says the current backseat-is-good-to-look-around-atleast-I'll-get-some-photos-huh positioned me...damn it...I want to drive...I love feel the cool air on face :(

We stop to buy some cold-drinks and hence on....yeah....I'm the new rider replacing Sagar :) Anant still gets to drive....we usually enjoy him pretending confidence ;) ;)

So now search for some water-side to crash by and have some fun, b/w we take a break at a roadside and have the said cold-drinks ;) and click some photographs.

The place we find to crash by is behind a small hay-farm...we see this young boy there and ask him to let us in. Then comes the "oh !" moment....rear brake of the bike driven by Anant shows a failure...the "nut's missing" (thats how Anant has been quoting it since then ;) ). He tries to play a cheap trick to get the missing nut....and is stopped by the said boy ! The he is..photographed by Sagar...

We head to the water-side....nearby a not-so-Indian-eastern-western group is having drinks with barbaque ! (Their ethnicity though much seems like Iranis, Anant thinks they are north east Indians...God Knows Why !) and so me and Sagar get off our respective pants (Yes ! We do have boxers and we wear 'em too) and get into the water. By the time we get back...Anant finds that he ain't wearing no boxers ;) but the water is tempting so...he gets in with his jeans on and then, we, as usual pooooore mazze lene ke liye, start throwing stones into the water near where he stood in (Sagar urged that the stones should be BIG ;)) and as and when he is all more stones ;).
We rest there for a while, have "Pehelwan ki Nutties" (No pun intended :p....its a sweet dish) and I take a shot of the shimmering water (below)....

So now...we are ready to leave. On our way...we stop for a meal at a dhaba....and we have Maharashtrian Chinese food and a too-bad-to-get-into-the-foodpipe tea :|
On the road. After a few bike comes up with "Dude....petrol ?!" shit man ! shit shit shit shit...Anant is racing ahead, can't see us (me and Sagar), has my mobile phone which has balance while leaving us with a no petrol bike, a no balance cell phone :(.
Bad news never had Good timing.
We drag...drag.....drag....oh ! dhalaan finally...................drag...drag...drag. The distance...about 5 km or so !

Finally, we get to a petrol pump.....fill in...and....its dark we head back home.

Nothing crazy after that :|

Dhruv. .

P.S.India defeats bangladesh !


  1. aaahh mazing...!!! (pics are a perfect touch)..
    i don kno why bt i felt kinda nostalgic..!!! (strange)..!!
    nd i js love ur style of writing...!! its unique
    keep up the gud wrk dude..!!

  2. Thanks my only-and-much-valued admirer ! :)

  3. arre dun wry...!! js wait nd watch hw i increase your no. of admirers or rather followers...!!

  4. photography is awesome,,,just loved those pics

    & the post rocks

    well i guess mechanical engineers hv this quality in their blood

    writing i mean
    & this is from ur second follower :P

  5. Thanq thanq ! Thats...sweet of you :)

  6. nice....:)
    hv seen dose pics in FB as well....gud hain...

  7. dude vo pathar vaala video hai kya..??

  8. dude it feels so gud to read it after 2 yrs... hmm.. mazaaa toh aaj aaya pad ke.. :).. those days ...ahhh.. wnt mre of those wednesdays..... he he..