Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're never gonna stop this train. .

Sitting at a side grass, near Mech porch. I'm wondering...do I really belong here; as a part of this crowd. Its been a long span of almost 4 years now..since I've been in this city..Pune. Coming here was not a choice...it was more of kinda...circumstances driven action. I've always believed that all that happens, is for one's good in some way or the other and so once again I just let it go...and believed it to be something good for me...besides...I had just entered into a relationship, so I was kinda..world-is-so-beautiful-when-u-r-here-with-me. But...eventually...i had to be with the people here since she was too distant to physically be with. And then it started....

The discovery of self. I had started missing Maa, papa, home, small-town warmth and every possible thing in that front...I started to like photography and no more remained a tea-tottler. I started wanting to travel through road...unlike before, I started to like biking....Pink Floyd and Nirvana started to make some sense to me. Break-up brought buddies closer and developed 'that' inexpressible bond. Booze came in blended with some melody and feeling of loss gave way to something-good-on-the-way. Being here started to make sense...found best of friends..memories were created. Cried to papa when I felt too heavy..never did that before...never felt like leaving home whenever I happened to go there...cried in train back to pune..cuz I missed Maa...was never able to decide on the answer to "What do you want to do in future ?" but now it troubled less than it did before..for though funny, but now I have an answer to this and I'm gonna try my level best to make it realize !

'All is over..nothings gonna be fine..all bad happens to me'....slowly got away from me and slowly I changed to 'everything's gna work out..dont worry'..a worth transformation for me for; I lost it when I dint get through AIEEE cutoff for centre but ended up in MIT only to find my life and self..good ! I lost it when she(P) left..but today I hardly think about her, many a things in world are yet to be thought about...good ! I lost it when V broke up with me..but today I know that someone is on way to me...good ! Was too frustrated and low spirited for not getting placed since the season started..but out of blue Essar happened...good...

Have come a long way. Long way to go. I have faith that everything is gonna workout someway cause the heart of life is good. The Train never stopped...we're never gonna stop it....



  1. whoz da "you"...lol..;)??
    nice piece of work...nd i must say sumtimes its bettr 2 c thngs in a differnt perspective..!!

  2. lovely..!!
    cud relate to your story in bits and pieces..!!
    nyc flow of emotions..!!

    p.s i hv 8 followers :D