Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...when Harry 'couldn't' meet Sally

Harry befriended Sally almost 3 and half years back.

For those initial few months of their time together..Harry was the luckiest guy in the world. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. World was his...and he won hearts. In his college..he met Sally; a sweet-cute-aggressive-caring-feeble girl and one fine day they were friends..

Harry had been in love, was in love but he knew it..this thing with Sally..was something special ! Sally was friend..and more. She cared for him like anything and he loved being pampered..and in turn loved her. She became his best friend. He could talk his heart out to her and she assured him that she'd always be there. When that cop caught Harry for entering a 'No-Entry'; Sally came to rescue. God..Sally drove fast !
In that fun eve in college...she was this crazy girl to be there in those green minis. They had their specifics with the coffee and while Harry was an iceberg..Sally was an eskimo. They studied together and made a lot of fun of each other. She was this caring-best-bud of Harry and though she hurt him sometimes...their relation didn't weaken !

What a girl :)

Sally loves shopping..Harry thinks it makes her happie and he never questions her frequent sprees...she can get these rum colored strands of hair and sport 'em with so much of ease. She has this metal key chain bearing her name and often Harry gets 'em to trouble her. He loves troubling her...rather...enjoys :) But then again...she is her best bud and its just her..whom he can take for an ice-cream, tie those balloons to her hands and she'd still manage that cuteness :) She slaps Harry very often, calls her those not-so-abusive abuses but makes those stupid diagrams for his journals when he is too late or lethargic to get 'em done on his own ! She lends an ear to everything stupid/serious he has to say. She comes a long distance with him just to have the momos he wants her to have..rather have 'em with her :) She is, at times....almost every time, troubled with problems..which more often are born 'cause....she cares..that's her..and that's why everyone who knows her..loves her ! Harry too..and she knows :)

Harry and Sally don't see each other as frequently, as they once used to. Things have changed...times have changed. They have a sweet history and moments to remember..Now there are times when Harry can't meet Sally...he wishes they could ! Harry misses Sally and their time together !

Sally is awesome...Sally should always be happy...Sally shall have the most caring and loving man in her life...Sally's man shall get everything she could ever wish...and...Harry shall always be there for her.

These are Harry's thoughts when he misses Sally and can't meet her...and most of all..can't have that once-in-a-lifetime time with her :(



  1. this is so cute
    makes me believe that harry and sally can be friends, i mean only friends :)

  2. they are :)..as they say 'inspired by a true story' !

  3. wow.......!!!
    yaar...i mean...itz awesome...seriously yr as vandy said...no words
    hats off