Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do you want to prove...Sagar !

'What dya wana prove..Sagar (accented delight !)', something what a high 'Agent K' said when a sabji made by him was considered for a re-cooking-re-spicing should have seen his expression and more over that...his tone :P

It was a Sunday night..and I was learning to cook (finally !) with ramboozle-celebrating-liberation-of-cuba-strong-potent-'the best' spirit gulps (consider this :p). Prestigious issue for everyone around 'cause all there but me knew multiple inputs and disagreements were obvious with some of 'em obviously available for 'fun' purposes (Oh ! puchcha) :)

So..I, finally, with multiple helps, cooked for the first time (though all this just for 'Dal Chawal' :!). The taste` was good and quantity was just right. So..a good-first-one !

Next was Horton..saving the Whos and Figuera making it funnier while consistently pissing the 'Agent K' off ! (God knows why wasn't he enjoying it). Horton managed saving the Whos A.S.A.P (Act Swiftly, Awesome Pachyderm !..something he thought that A.S.A.P stood for) and the day ended with news of arrival of Mit (a friend..bro!) and along with him..something..that would carve out the events of the day following ;P.

Mit got Fenny his college.
I saw this b'ful-I-don't-know-I'm-so-b'ful girl celebrating look-a-like day in college. My mere 'Mit..the girl..she is so b'ful' was enough to excite him to start acting as my wing-man ! (He didn't get off his role through the day and the names of girls in his cards kept switching with he climbing the states of mind ;P).

Sab mere baare mein chintit hain !!

God damned fenny was aweful :( and I was the leading gulp-in-the-stupid-spirit-shots guy ! My last memory..'O Sanam - Lucky Ali' till I got up at around 10 in the night and it was 'High Hopes - Pink Floyd' now with bros still climbing the ladders ! I was definitely off it now and back home.

Next day..headache kept vibrating and damping my head through the day. I had a bad 'day'. 'Greens' performed at a college fest and so the eve was awesome ! (Bhaiyaji...Once More :)). The bad 'day' ended with a good 'nite'. 'We Three' had dinner at Kuku's with patiyala lassi..and the liabilities were Anant's :p.


Dhruv. .

P.S. Puchcha is what Anant calls me and occasionally I call him too :). 'We Three'..Anant Sagar Dhruv. 'Agent K'..Anant.