Sunday, February 7, 2010

mind shit~


The time, as of now, is supposed to be the one..whereby memories should be created...but I'm failing at it..
Band of people around is narrowing down...mathematically-graphically-inverse exponentially...
May be..whilst trying to achieve something uncertain-unknown, the confused being in me missed on something certain-known.
I've lost on close-to-heart people..something which always haunts me as if..its gonna continue..what if ?!...
They never be back in your life; but why don't the expectations die..why do you still, at times, yearn for their presence...yes..what to do when you are too in love to let it go..

Can't see the lights that should guide...

I'm upset...I don't know why...

In a long day; there are excerpts forgettable/unforgettable. A bitch bamboozles on a friend, want to help, but ambiguity stops me. Some music n booze n all the time enjoyed together with best of buddies is "in" but I fear the countdown that is "ON" and going...

Nothing to do with the love lost (in fact...something and more..); its the bigger losses I was hard on get on-track....getting off it would be harder..on me -(


  1. as if u wrote my mind

    olved this post

  2. BTW
    i liked previous template more but i guess u r following that

    "blue is for boys"
    as i follow
    "pink for girls"

  3. hehe noopes ! The color was kinda...getting on my nerves :

    Thanks though :)

  4. "I'm upset...I don't know why..."
    Déjà vu

  5. hey u hav been tagged
    chck my blog

  6. dont worry bhai everything is just gonna be awesome!