Sunday, February 28, 2010

Golden all the way !

It has been an all-dull-usual-boring day and me and Sagar sit, viewing and discussing our horoscopes..from all the available newspapers; while relating the present to the possibilities in life !

Supposedly; my romantic relationship will be intense (duh ! I no more have one) and Sagar will soon have one ! I like horoscopes..and I now hate 'supposed to be' friends.

Having done with the horoscopes and re-watching all the available Lucky Ali videos almost thrice..we decide to bring in some fluid company. Running low with cash and a feeble desire for getting too high, we get some KFS. India vs Pakistan is scheduled at 9 and we now have this perfect setup to cheer our team. India, repeatedly keeps scoring goals :) and our usually red-brown ramboozle tumblers undergo almost 3 cycles of getting filled-emptied of the golden spirit...the beer !...while India claims a golden 4-1 victory over Pakistan..:))

An awesome end. We decide that, hence on, whenever Indian Hockey Team plays..its gonna be us watching them play with the Golden Cheers :). Golden all the way !


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