Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Fine Day -)

A lousy-full-of-lectures-too-many-notes day in college may not necessarily end up being lousy !

Good things happen and happiness comes in small packages. The day adds-up to the firmness of the belief :)

An unexpected-light-on-pocket-so-so-tasting lunch during a cold-morning-warm-afternoon day at a yet undiscovered 'Mitraan Da Dhaba' on college road, in days when we are as broke as each other, as broke as we always are in a month-end ! things do happen :)

Now..the small package part ! My sweet lil a small package :p. She is this sweet-small-town-girl who loves to dress herself up with goodies and shop..a lot :). She has got this fine air of innocence and nonchalance in every move. A rose is just enough to make the lil angel smile to the depth of her heart ! Have known this delicate doll-darling for 4 years now and the girl has been special since then...for you don't generally have a girl-friend (not girlfriend !) who just loves to wear 'chhote-chhote kapde' :P.

She is from a town too close to mine..and I still wonder (and so does she..I came to know this today !) as if this all is a setup ! Incidently..I come to does she. We are unknown to each other. I get in a particular division of FE and so does the same division. I'm seated in a bench right behind her only to befriend her and discover 'Oh ! You're from Maihar...:) I'm from Satna !'

Lucky to have you Kid..:)

Today, 4.30 pm. Me and kiddie go to CCD-LCR. We have the same orders for again..4 years now. She is 'Iced Eskimo' and I'm 'Tropical Iceberg' :P and whenever we meet at this very CCD...its these drinks and all the current state of affairs (;)) and there is some fun and some words of wisdom and lots of innocence :)

Having done with CCD we leave for KP..aimlessly. On the way she decides to get an Osho chappal for herself (God ! Don't they get bugged up of 'em ?!) but ends up with a colored strand of hair (nonchalance !..but great :)) spending every possible buck ! So now..we are left with these 20 bucks...and we want to have 'The Lane 6 Momos' !
My place is we go there...collect 'chillar' as and where I find it...worth 12 bucks :)


20 + 12 = 32 bucks.

Momos = 25 bucks.

Savings = 7 bucks !! :)

So...One Fine Day :)

Dhruv. .

P.S. Satna to Maihar = 32 Kms :)


  1. i like dis:)I thought only 2day u r gonna write about kiddie....

  2. cute..!!
    i was thinkn about writin a post of the same kind..!!