Wednesday, January 6, 2010

United We Stand !

"We need a separate state..Telangana" "20 new states formation requests pending with central govt"

WTF...When are we gonna grow up and look up to a bigger picture...India. Why are we losing the thing for which we almost waited for a century and a half ! We are breaking like anything...communal politics is taking a huge toll on India's future and causing its uncertainty to increase by leaps and bounds. When are we gonna stop "all-praise-for-my-state-my-language-blah-blah" and look for the common medium which binds us...a common cause. Why cant we love someone from a different region in country....he is as Indian as I' u are....that is what we call ourselves right ! "Indians"...why not actually be one instead of just limiting it to ideals and books ?!

We don't hate each other that we ?! We ought to be together. Its a no-hidden fact that the "west and its culture" that we frequently criticise is actually more united and patriotic than we are...the reason I see is a common medium of communication.

Not to harm any regional sentiments but...why don't we use the common medium of communication...I know its a small thing but I feel that Hindi language is understood and can be spoken by maximum of Indians...and so it can turn to be a good binding medium for "We...The People"

Buona Sera ;)

Dhruv. .


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  2. nyc again...!!
    if this "divide state saga" is goin to continue lik dis our india ka ma is goin to luk freakingly scary esp. to skul kids

  3. oops i meant india ka "map"...!!