Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sagar gets his Jean and we get a hangover !

"Yaar..kapde toe dila do" says Sagar. We, Anant and me, are sitting opposite him in Richie Rich, having meal and sipping in Ice tea. Its damn here. Its 4th of Jan and still...oh ! come on...we deserve some chillin n bitin cold !!

We go to Central E-Square on my activa and Sagar's pulsar. This time, usually i-will-drive-pulsar anant is having a gastric problem due to burger+my "dibba" in his stomach :p, so he gets to sit behind Sagar while I drive my brakeless activa. As I expected, we dint get anything here but Anant's gas relief. So now...he's gonna drive and just see him pretend confidence :P cuz i know..he is hell scared as well as excited to same extent while he drives ! We head to Camp.

I regret not eating non-veg ! Even with two of my best of buddies, I feel secluded when it comes to food. They (Sagar and Anant) are hard core non-veggies n me...vice versa. So now they are having chiken thali + some sort of fish and all this for jus 30 bucks !!! I doubt the authenticity of chicken by price...but they are confident about it with the taste. I wonder...high prices have just hit the Vegan World :). By the time...I have a-supposed-to-be adraki chai and cream roll (my cheap+not filling equivalent for their cheap+filling meal :-| ).

We hunt for the Jean in few more stores but he doesnt fit in any and ultimately comes up with a deal breaker "Bhai..aaj jeans mil gai toe raat ka khaana meri taraf se". Thats...drivin least for now :).

Suddenly...we spot a thela selling some "Star-fruit"...nva even heard of it. Well...thela wala says "Rs.7 pao kilo" can afford he gets two of these, chops them and tops with some chilli powder and salt and we start off with it with fruit waala askin us for Rs.60 now ! be noise pollution which caused this difference b/w "saat and saath" :(( heavy hole in pocket :(
A beer at Toons should be a good option...only if beer in India were cheap :((
Anyway...Anant realizes, he should get some new shoes. I know he want ' mine....but its rare that u get Lee Coopers for 800 bucks ! So we go to this Converse store and a confused Anant is convinced by us to pick up those black canvas shoes with some green lining and laces. As of now...he is happy about 'em ;)
Outside the store...5 mins later....Sagar says,"Ye tune kya le liya...hare joote...kya Anant" ;) Now it starts..;) ;) ;) "Shit anant...tune socha bhi nahi...1000 rupaye aise hi kharch diye" "kya shit joote liye hain" "Ghar mein Rohit aur Alok bhaiyya le lenge teri" ;) ;)

Now we head to Central bundgarden...Sagar finally gets his anticipated Wrangler and me and Anant fist-up in cheer. Dinner is on Sagar :)

I knew would just be momos in dinner-on-me, but who cares...these momos are awesome :)). So now...its time to leave...wait some one comes up with "yaar...pee bhi lete hain...mazza aayega" and as usual...all three of us are in :) and we pick up reliable-fun giving Old Monk and head to Sagar's.

I say "Its Nirvana night" one argues...we love 'em...literally :) So now its all the grunge and the rum...all's going fine and I do something I would not have done; had I not been high....I send texts to V...I do miss her..a lot sometimes...and when high...its uncontrollable...I wish we had not broken-up or things could fix up :(( and someone puts on Coldplay...only to add to emotional turmoil :((.

I'm sleepy...I think...I'll cut my not-able-to-vomit-cold water-on-head part and end up with the next morning...5th Jan hangover. Me and Anant have to go for the project and we have a hangover...but....we go :) and i spend a full-on-yawning day.

Enough for now...Fill You Up tomorrow. Goodnite.

Dhruv. .


  1. awsm felt as if i was readin 5. sm 1 all over again...!!!its soo peculiar that our everyday lyf story has such captivating power..!!
    nd non veg khana i sure its the sole coz of Mr.aima's sore throat...!!
    newayz js loved the post.wt a fab way to start blogging..!! (gotta get sm mre info bout "v")
    if dts the way ur gonna keep writtin den damn u hv had me hooked .....!!!

  2. its 30 bucks fish working on Mr.Aima's throat ! Dint realize that :)

    Thanks anyway..u're the first viewer :)