Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nature drunk !

To peek into the azure through the greens
endlessly, gives a high to me
In gloom I turn to nature
where trees-bushes are high on their seasonal, newly acquired greens !

Filled skies.. dark, deep, transcend me
to where I want to be
I'm so haaaapppy
my receipt finally resonates with nature's delivery !

I plunge into a valley.. endless
heavenly globules still meeting my face,me..harmless
I smile, smile to being happy
to an end.. endless

Detached from the colorless world
to green-brown psychedelics under skies' blue
umbrellas, children; hats off for the effect, right now, you do
a childhood boat.. 'the possession', my gold !

To see you chhai chaapak chaai would be a treat
a dedicated sky shade, rain fall for you !
a you, I click, in the moment;
the so very you !


  1. hmmm....! lovely

    it's raining here RIGHT NOW. so i can totally relate to what you have penned down :-)

  2. And.. guess what (not flirting) we are alike :D

  3. ohh yess....ot goves me a high almost all the time!