Thursday, July 15, 2010


He grew up in a loving-warm household
in papa's arms and maa's mould;

In an oldie-smallie town
whose today makes him frown;

Though time around the place still makes him smile,
all has worsened by measures of nile.

To his good, he didn't get into bad,
turned into a calm-ish country lad;

"Rape Me !", cried his locality, town, state, country;
all he could do was think and mourn in mind, in fury;

Sex, drugs, alcohol were in adolescent mind;
books, cheers-mugs, rock 'n roll were not there to bind n blind;

Values kept from crossing the extremes,
to pursue, to realize.. there still were dreams;

An up-country home, a loving dame, a rich life manner;
he still wished it all to be, but with her.

Scary ways of world alarmed him,
a green, kind world was the world of his whim;

So.. sometimes he thinks of getting into the mud,
but.. the vastness and uncertainty keep the mind shut;

Heart goes to the land, people he loves;
for all he can is see.. see their vows.

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