Sunday, July 18, 2010

it doesn't fit ~

For a moment, let me be carefree, irresponsible
let the moment last for a lifetime
let me break away..

Let me do my thing
thing I love, feel for
don't bind me to the society's shackles of conventions

My little mind doesn't get it
the stuff they do and ask me to
so I quit, as I disagree..

I wont talk
'cause frowned they'd be to hear
in good faith, I'd walk away

Someday they'd know of me
I'd have pursued my wish
..subdued their words

I'd have friends who by, stood
understood and told me I could
told me "Lets find you a shoe 'cause this one doesn't fit" !


  1. *sigh*

    this is exactly what is on my mind...!
    and this is fab yaar, really, the bestest.

    i m gonna pen it down somewhere you know, it's kinda inspirational :-)

  2. ohh! i love this...! if i am not wrong i think i know what this is referring to..! :) cheers!