Saturday, September 25, 2010


Goodbyes.. They inspire, don't they ?!

Times of standing between the two doors.. With possessions from inside one, that would accompany into the another. Uncertainty of what comes ahead.. Adventurous !! Cuz.. Sometimes I have nothing left to loose and all I can do is gain from the times to come ! There will be times finding me nostalgic.. But they'll inspire.. 'cuz I'll then start my fight again to have similar times !

I dont know.. as to where would this door lead me too.. But.. I'll find fun ! Cuz once.. One such goodbye frm a door brought me love in next.. Chain continued with finding friends for life behind the next door.. And here I stand outside this door.. biding adieu and carrying along in my heart, the moments in clicks.. Expecting awesome times behind the door I'm about to unlock..!


  1. so true

    goodbyes actually open new doors

  2. this is such a positive article :) made my heart smile!