Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~Angel !

A shortie fairy with the cutest face
in this world synonymizing happiness

For all she does for me
she is "my angel"; I write with glee

People have come, faded to gray
she's always been there.. 'Just a call away'

Clueless; I'd eat up her head
she'd listen; with solutions having my worries shed

My heart; when in tatters,
she'd somehow imbibe into me.. love matters !

She's the sweetest link of the chain;
the chain from the gift to my heart in northern plain !

And when I've found the doors closing
she has brought me smiles and happy hoping

My favorite vanilla softy, chhotu, my sis
they kept searching; I found the meaning to 'bliss' !


  1. sweet :)
    the vanilla softy part :)

  2. me too luv d vanilla softy...!!! shez really a fairy...!!! who brings smile 2 d wrld..!!!!