Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Village Damsel..a figment of imagination !

I picture Harry..the shy guy strolling down a walkway, lit at long shadow distances, whilst aimlessly kicking the pebbles coming by his way...he doesn't have a way..

He has had great times in life. Four years back he was this boy in this big town..everything was new and wow. He found new friends; saw hardships in life; found love; lost's good great..but not so-wished-for at times ! Harry is imaginative..a loner; he likes company but doesn't really enjoy each of it..likes some specific people to be around !
While alone..he imagines; he writes; he snaps; he misses ! This night..while rambling down the walkway he thinks of a village girl... He once happened to see an ethnic 'banjaran' girl near a settlement of theirs, around his high-school. The image has long lived in his mind..the girl was beautiful. She had these deep oceanic eyes and the under-lids were lined black with kajal..her face was this perfectly carved motioned piece of sculpture..a little darkness in her complexion added to her charm. Her perfectly curved-sized ears had these n numbers of ear rings...none so shiny but all just so perfect ! She was clad in that so colorful-mirrored pair of ghagra-choli as if to reflect away all the evil...she was pure...with white armlets covering a major portion of her seemingly long hands...she had this perfectly shaped body; all curves in perfect-proportionate shape..straight out of a beautiful hand made painting of a damsel...damsel..she was there..right in Harry's eyes..a dream pictured !