Thursday, June 24, 2010

Juno.. 24

Setting Sun of the Rose Month
My pallid moon.. my friend, love
..leaving on a big train

A lifetime of years, a couple
Ah ! A couplet of a sweet song
I never could forget

A kid with my body..
A teenager with my heart..
Sunken to brim in depth of gloom

Magical powers.. if I had
Moment.. I'd stop
Get to the depths of the oceanic.. misty eyes

Hold thy ivory hand..
Kiss thy ruby lips..
Hug thy tender bosom..

Human, that I'm.. Couldn't get hold of the time
..seemed to rush when you were around
..slowed to death when you weren't..

Words were unsaid
Hearts long exchanged..
Stay.. I'd caress your locks !

Have known the touch.. that holds
The smile.. that lights
The hope in eyes.. that strengthen.. me, us

But.. as the night pours
The chillness of passion..
Burns my heart like deserted deserts..

For want of you to stay.. stay
The Big Train Leaves.


  1. someone has turned into a poet...!

    love this, i think i know what this is about :)

  2. you're professional at this! amazing!
    and i love the way its expressed