Saturday, June 26, 2010

Looney ToooNz !

Knowing less of the ball more of Shakira's anthem..
Cheers !.. Guys with their beers and our girl with an ice tea !!

Doesn't belong.. but enjoyin' the soccer-beer hysteria !
While the people eye the ball; she uses her tresses for a moustache; I enjoy her !

On an in-ground ''card'', she turns to learn the 'what-abouts'... love that smile :)
'Who's this ?'
'The song.. I know this one' :)

Never saw straws bring this joy to someone~
while she tries to make a bangle from the long sucker and rocking her head to the tune she seems to lurve !

Finally, friends force our teetotaler to have a sip.. she'd never have it again.. the face she makes, makes me laugh and.. tells me this :)

The pony.. un-noticed so far, comes to notice as she lets 'em free to have fun with the wavey lot!

Tossing the peanuts to a height, targeting 'em to her mouth.. her own little peanut FIFA game...

'I'll have an ice tea'


P.S. 'Toons' is a sports pub in pune.

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