Monday, May 17, 2010

smokinn gal !

Standing by my window, I beat the heat with a drink ! and my said attempt goes into vain, as this hottie walks in..

Amazed.. I'm ! With the skimp she has on her, what they call, 'the hour glass'; while an unaware she, lights some tobacco on her balcony ! 'Susie Q' is what the singer in the background is singing about.. and its what the viewer, me, is gazing at ! Damn.. she is exactly what it takes for a gentleman in you to lose himself for a while and an engineer in you to make close measurements of distant objects :)

In the evening.. while I reach for the curtain.. I spot her once again ! Dripping she.. draped in a white wipe this time.. smokin' again.. and makin' her own lil-hott contribution to 'Global Warming' ;)

My not-so-important-so-far window suddenly has now gained a significant place in my-homey-favorite-possessions.. and now.. i spend more time walking around my apartment.. for obvious reasons existing across the window vent :)

Dhrooooov !


  1. lol...!!
    u got things seriously heated up at ya place...!! huh....?!!

  2. @Chandni,@vandy - thanqq ! Cutting the 'words' short was a big task :P