Sunday, June 12, 2016


In the beginning was the word;
the word was AUM.
Ever since, there has been a way,
the way,
the Tao.
With sprouting genesis and evolution,
came us, the humans.
We had instincts and needs like all the animals but,
we also had the choice..
The modern 'free will'.
The choice lingered between
accepting the way or
forming a way.
Some accepted and some formed.
The result is the globe and 
minds dwelling on it, 
we have.
Some of our choices 
caused some turbulence 
we developed and honed the sense of 
power and ego.
They translated into religion, decedance,
nazis and priority of comfort.
While our other choices 
held the balancing front and
accepted the re-directed 'way'.
Who won ?
No one.
We still were, are and will be loyal
to the essence of the way,
The endless cycle of 
grow, evolve, wither, contribute, transgress and,

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