Monday, February 16, 2015

Hobo in Thoughts

I'm the mindless tree
that sways
with each wind gush
it gets and
bathes in it
with all merriment.
I'm the sparrow
picking food and chirruping
all the while
there's light.
I'm the waves
that love
their share of shore
through an endless flow
of time.
I'm the river
making its way
through and around things,
taking some part of them along,
imparting them shapes
through time.
I'm the bee
pollinating flowers,
making hives and
ascribing to certain rituals
with strong natural logic.
I'm connected.
I'm restless.
I'm nature.
I'm flow.
I'm lost in a wide spectrum of thoughts,
thinking some,
touching some,
chewing some,
adopting some,
continually mesmerized by vastness
and connectedness.

1 comment:

  1. Don't take out tym for nature these days..isiliye padke acha laga. Frame of mind when connected with nature allows for such interactions with it. I am sure you are loving it there.