Friday, April 18, 2014


I love the unsullied honesty of human emotion when the human is just being. The crown of thorns - the gear of an achiever, when taken off, reveals a nakedness of emotion that is the essence of being. The gleaming unfeigned eyes, then, reveal willingness for a real human interaction - the way it naturally is meant to be. We shall be told to run, to watch out, to conquer; but I choose to stop and 'spend' time and ponder the worth of my run for my being. Its a waste! Crazy, how we strive to cut short all of the non-value adding activities which lead to the formation of products and services that, unfortunately, own us but fall short of noticing how the whole idea of these products and services add no value to our being. Where is our desire to live, to be crazy, our willingness to experience other naturally occurring beings, to walk into wilderness, to breathe the morning fogs !

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