Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On a night when I saw appox. million of dead

I go to bed terrified today for we forgot to love. Humans were decimated to perfection and were then counted to approximation. The things are no different today as biases and meticulously devised disparities serve a similar purpose. We are supposed to get out the 'Be the Change We Want To See' but I'm not aware of the change I want to see anymore. I wasn't raised to love humans and other things bestowed upon us by nature. So, unaware of the exact change I want to see, I don't know the change I want to make in me ! Well, on a regular day why would it even cross the head of a mango like me. The cultural shackles are too damn unrelenting and ofcourse there is constant pursuance of money to be able to afford the luxury called love amd nature. Not able to manage my pre-slumber smile tonight. Fuck!

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