Sunday, January 16, 2011

17..cuz u're gone

It awaits..beyond the last cut
do it..releive me to be lost

i wont be in rut, will find my ways
will find my life, will find my love

the fall shall fill my heart back
with the innate beauty in its lap

im unsure but im sure either
cuz the clouds will find a corner to rain on, will heartily want u to shine on.

no i wont tell u the times
that i've feared in a world w/o u
but thats where i go
heard u sayin 'wont let u go'

When it breaks, forget me
trust me, i shall forget thee.

On a numbingly cold nite
a heart, silently, shall break
hardly mended; shall re-break.
But..ok..shy shall learn the strong way. 'get' is not easy
cuz a soul sobs ignored

Yes, Im good..goin better
the sun is smiling again..
and Im lovin the cold, moon..the rain
forgettin..risin go long ways
for..m a Vacilando with a long itinerary !
And for u.. Wish u luv luck health happinezz..

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