Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I envy a bird soaring above into sky

i leave a robe while in air
and turn to see the robe thats gone
but it aint circus
now m falling

shoulders are booked
so dont you crave young heart

The new sun fills some hope
into fake 'cheers'. Their chances.

But..the dependency on sapiens decreases
recorded voices balm it up.

So locked and such a waste
is desire to fly !


  1. i envy you for writing your these trademark poem like lines so effortlessly!

    i can imagine you sitting after a tired day, penning them down just like that!

  2. hmmmm.. i cn understand... "fake cheers.... " ha ha nw akon s de new in thng .. nd its hurtin u ...

  3. @sepo haaah ... i kept telin u, after going thru vacilando's me goin thru urs doesnt make mch diff... aftrall they r a bit girlish.. :)