Thursday, October 14, 2010

tu jaane na..

Its the song on ears
euphoria on me, of yours

For you don't know
to you it leads and I'm last in the row

I'm that country boy, in love
who still, over material, loves the white dove

See you in as numbered time bells
as swastik drop meets the sea shells

They create a pure pearl
left with a regret, a me.. you're not my girl

Things I try to tell u, for me, are hard
you get 'em but your situation breaks my heart

I hear it in a song but for you I'd do
what a he, for a her, didn't do; till the end, love you

No big promises, no expectations
I'd just be there with you through the situations

Been long since the hands left
but you don't know that my heart still happily carries an 'us' heft..


  1. good one :))
    the said song sure is a killer..! the lyrics just apt

  2. most there with you through the situations!!
    so true.. the heart does happily carry "us"